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Why can't you verify my bank details?

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TitleWhy can't you verify my bank details?
We use an electronic tool to check that your bank account is registered to your name and address. This helps us to protect against fraud and money laundering.

It’s important you check that:
  • Your bank details are correct
  • The bank account is registered in your name and current address
  • Your bank accepts faster payments
There are two main reasons why we might not be able to verify your account:
  • Some bank accounts opened before 1998 can’t be confirmed, as this is when the industry standard came into effect.
  • Some of the new challenger banks also can’t be checked
Unfortunately, if we can't match your account then you won't be able to have a loan account right now. We're working hard to find a better solution for this issue so that we can help even more customers open a LiveLend account.
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