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Your Repayments

What happens if I miss a payment?

At LiveLend we won't charge you a fee. Ever. Not even if you miss a loan repayment. However, missing a repayment will result in you paying additional interest on your loan, and will have a negative impact on your credit score.

If you're struggling to make your next repayment, or have already missed a repayment, don’t panic. Please log into your account, click on Manage and Make your payment and make a payment for your repayment amount, via debit card. You can log in here.

Alternatively, if you're struggling to make your full repayment, you can get in touch with us here so that our expert team can help you.

When will my first payment be taken?

When you apply for your loan, you can choose the date you would like your payments to be taken from your account. We recommend you pick a date close to the day you get paid as most of our customers find this easier to manage. Depending what date you pick, your loan might start the following month.

If you've taken a loan, and forgotten what date you selected, you should log in and click on Overview. Your repayment date and history is available at the bottom of the page under Payments. You can also find this on your loan documents, if you click on Messages.

You can log in here.

How do I change my repayment date for my loan?

We recommend you pick a date close to the day you get paid as most of our customers find this easier to manage. You won’t be able to change your repayment date within the first six months of your loan. If you feel you really need to change your repayment date, please get in touch with our expert team here.

What happens if I want to close my loan early?

You can get a quote to close your loan at any point. All you need to do is log in and click on Manage and then Close my loan. You’ll be given a quote which is your latest balance, plus any daily interest due to be applied. There are no fees to close your loan early and closing your loan early will reduce the interest you pay. We’ll show you how much interest you’ll save online. Your quote is valid for 30 days.

If you decide to cancel your loan within 14 days, starting the day after you have signed the agreement, you can withdraw from your agreement online, by selecting Manage and Close my loan. You'll then need to click Withdraw from my agreement.  If you do this you're obliged to settle your loan balance within 30 days, from the day after you give us notice. If you don't settle, you're liable for the full balance of your loan, plus interest. This can't be reversed. You can log in here.